IT Solutions

managed IT services, cloud services, projects, maintenance, backups, server and desktop management, onsite support and emergency response and more....

IT Support for Small Business

Matrixx offers a full range of IT services, customized to your needs, at affordable prices.  From day-to-day troubleshooting to strategic long term planning, we have you covered.  Matrixx proved regularly scheduled maintenance of systems and networks that, when protectively monitored and managed, will reduce the exposure to many common problems that IT environments experience due to neglect or the security issues inherent from using the Internet.  We also offer Network Management Agreement Contracts.

Network & Computer Support

From printing errors to an entire network down, we can fix it.  We offer same day, weekend and evening computer/network repair.

IT Security & Backups

We minimize the risks to your data, network and users.  We block network/host based attacks and eliminate security vulnerabilities with proven methods.

Network & Computer Maintenance

Through our vast experience in supporting small businesses, we have developed a checklist that is used to protectively manage your network.

Network Installation

If your business requires network cabling installation, equipment or a complete solution for your network installation, including structured or telephone extensions, PCs and Servers, Matrixx will provide competitive quotes for all network systems.